Congratulations to our Summerfest Contest Winners

Summerfest 2016 was jam-packed full of events and activities. We hope everyone enjoyed the experience. Below is a list of winners from all the competitive events at Summerfest.

Parade Float Contest:

1st Place:
Fairview Park Fine Arts and Theatre Association

2nd Place:
Greater Cleveland Young Marines

3rd Place:
Northeast Ohio Cosplay

Fairview Park Youth Association’s Cornhole Tournament:

Ron and Jeff

Dick Nicoloff Memorial Car Show:

Top 10 Cars:
1. Dan Straub
2. Tom Solomon
3. Chris Tabor
4. Joe Hess
5. Nick Kaurich
6. Ron Rucinski
7. Bob Kovacs
8. Pat and Doug Barcroft
9. Ken Gabel
10. Diane Maar

Kids Choice
Al and Sue Kowal

Committee Choice
Dan Yarovelk

Mayor’s Choice
Joe Kleinhenz

Spectator’s Choice
David Pilger

Best in Show
Bob Bentz

Pooch Parade:

Most Fabulous Trick
Breed: Mix

Most Stunning Small Dog
Sweetheart Jules
Breed: Pomeranian

Best Looking Big Dog
Tonka Gottschling
Breed: Akita / Mastiff

Most Awesome Costume
Sophie Garrity
Breed: Yorkie

Most Gorgeous Oldie
Nina Jules
Breed: Chihuahua

Agility Concourse
Betsy Deans
Breed: Corgi

Best in Show
Sweetheart Jules
Breed: Pomeranian

Cupcake Bake Off:

Best Spirit of Summerfest (Kids):
Ian Tempfli with Strawberry Creamcheese buttercream frosting and Fairview Logo

Best Spirit of Summerfest (Adults):
Holly Bartley with PB&J with Summerfest logo/popcorn/cotton candy decorations

Most Creative Design, Most Unique Flavor, and Best Overall Cupcake (Adult):
Sarah Hustler with Walking Banana Split Cupcakes

Most Creative Design (Kids):
Mia Karp with Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcakes

Most Unique Flavor and Best Overall Cupcake (Kids):
Ian Tempfli with Strawberry with Creamcheese Butter Frosting

Pie Eating Contest:

Ages 8-12:
Daniel Grealis

Ages 13-17:
Jenna Sargent

Ages 18+:
Alex Williams